Judging Criteria


Each recipe will be scored on the following with a maximum score of 50 overall.

When considering each dish below are some questions to think about under each category

Creativity (20 marks)

  • Do the ingredients work – does it produce an interesting and tasty dish?
  • Does or can the dish make good use of locally grown food/seasonal ingredients?
  • Is there a memorable name for the dish which reflects the region?

Preparation and Reducing Food Waste (20 marks)

  • Is the dish easy and quick to make?
  • Does the dish reduce food waste?
  • Does it use leftovers that would have been thrown out/gone to waste?
  • Can the dish create more than one meal or be frozen and used again?
  • Can the dish use food that may be past its best?
  • Portions provided – can the dish be adaptable for numbers required (single meals to larger family meals (4-6 people?)

Health (10 marks)

  • Is the dish a healthy option? (This will be scored by Dr Brian Johnson.)
  • Is there a vegetarian/vegan option? (Fruit and vegetables are two of the most wasted foods.)

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